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Professional Online Oxbridge Entrance Tutors

All of our high quality online oxbridge entrance tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Rowan
Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (BA & MMath in Mathematics); University of Southampton (PhD in Theoretical Physics)

Please see profile for reviews & testimonials! Professional maths & physics tutor & 1st class master's graduate of the University of Cambridge. Expertise supporting Oxbridge maths, physics, engineering and computer science applications including admissions tests (STEP, MAT, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA, PAT) and interviews. STEP examiner for Cambridge Assessment.

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1543 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Isaac
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

A deep knowledge of mathematics that will be used to tailor online lessons to the individual.
Specialised in Entrance exams and University Mathematics
Qualified teacher and DBS checked âś…

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2145 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Dr. Leonardo
Physics and Maths, Trinity College, University of Cambridge; ETH Zurich, Switzerland

I am an expert Oxbridge tutor with over 3000 hours of online teaching experience. I can help you improve your grades (IB, A levels, university) and get into Cambridge, Oxford and other prestigious universities.

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809 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Jessica
Politics, Philosophy and Economics, University of Oxford

Experienced tutor and Oxford PPE graduate specialising in Oxbridge admissions and the TSA. Organised and hard-working tutor with outstanding interpersonal skills and an excellent academic record. I provide personalised lessons and activities according to the needs and interests of the student.

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179 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Carine
Human, Social and Political Science, The University of Cambridge

I graduated from the University of Cambridge having studied Modern and Medieval Languages (French and beginners Russian) in my first year, and Human, Social and Political Sciences (specialising in Sociology) in my second and third years. I then completed the Japanese Language and Japan Studies Program at Nihon University (Tokyo) and passed the N2-level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. I am currently a Master's student at the Korea Advanced Institute for Science and Technology in Seoul, South Korea. I have been a professional tutor for over 5 years. In that time, I have tutored pupils ranging in age from 4 to post retirement, and have had particular success with grade improvement at GCSE, entrance into Oxbridge, and working with students to improve their confidence levels. My specialist areas are French, Japanese, Essay Writing and Entry into Oxbridge.

My tutoring style consists of first assessing a student’s level by speaking to them and using past papers. From here I create lesson plans targeting what they hope to achieve and the specific area the pupil found challenging. I believe a tutor must be reliable, creative and patient.

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professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Andrew
History, University of Cambridge

Highly experienced A-level teacher and sixth form tutor. MA and PGCE in history from the University of Cambridge.

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361 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Mantas
Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford

I am a PhD student in Theoretical Plasma Physics and a college lecturer at Oxford university, I'm also an enthusiastic tutor, and I would be excited to help you improve your understanding of Maths/Physics/Engineering.

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282 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Graham
Psychology, Univeristy of Oxford

Highly experienced tutor and research psychologist at the University of Oxford who has worked with more than 360 students

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37 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Benjamin
Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, University of Cambridge

Experienced and highly qualified tutor with a friendly and personalised approach tailored to each student. I specialise in Maths and Physics at A-level, engineering support including Matlab at undergraduate and graduate levels, and university admissions preparation.

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1040 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Yuliia
Mathematics , University of Cambridge

Maths student from University of Cambridge with passionate for helping students to learn and fell in love with maths

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67 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Charlie
Mathematics, Cambridge

I am proud to have recently completed my Masters in Mathematics at Cambridge University and am doing my PhD. I am an experienced tutor who is very passionate about Maths and helping students achieve their aspirations. Very motivating, professional and have a good ability to explain difficult ideas.

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337 hours taught
professional online Oxbridge Entrance tutor Michael
English, Oxford University

Experienced and fully qualified school teacher and university lecturer, teaching in schools and universities for over 10 years. A Level examiner for Pearson/Edexcel.

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911 hours taught

Recent Oxbridge Entrance Tutor Class Reviews

Graham - Don- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
2nd February 2024
Graham is just exceptional! His expertise and experience on Oxford and Camrbidge admission process really really helped my success. He guided me in securing a fully funded position at Cambridge. Highly recommended for anyone looking to excel academically and looking into the top places.
Sibylle - Adele- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
7th December 2023
Sibylle is a really dedicated tutor and is super helpful in all aspects of interview prep, from style, format to content preparation. Benefitted massively despite reaching out at a short notice !
Jessica - Adele- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
7th December 2023
Jessica has been super helpful for interview preparation and has provided support over a variety of needs, be it interview attitude, style or actual content. I have noticed a real improvement since taking sessions with her !
Jessica - Malcolm- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
25th November 2023
Very thorough, expert advice
Nigel - Angela- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
10th November 2023
Richard - Ethan- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
1st November 2023
Extremely helpful, thanks!
Graham - Don- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
31st October 2023
Siena - Babs- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
29th October 2023
Siena was lovely, really great at explaining and answering all my questions. I was very nervous drafting my personal statement but after my class with her, I feel more confident and at ease.
Dr. Leonardo - Angela- Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
6th October 2023
He is brilliant about almost everything. So lucky of me to have lessons with him!
Daniel - Myfanwy - Oxbridge Entrance - Admissions
14th September 2023
Daniel was well prepared for the session, knowledgable and good at explaining the concepts. Went above and beyond to make sure we covered the questions I was having problems with.

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What is the importance of admission tests for Oxbridge entrance?

Admission tests play a crucial role in the selection process for Oxbridge universities. They help assess a candidate’s academic potential and suitability for the rigorous academic environment at these prestigious institutions.

How can an Oxbridge-entrance admission-test tutor help me prepare?

Our highly qualified Oxbridge-entrance admission-test tutors have extensive experience in guiding students through the admission test preparation process. They provide personalized guidance, practice materials, and strategies to help you excel in your tests.

Which admission tests do I need to prepare for to get into Oxbridge?

The admission tests vary depending on the course you are applying for. Common tests include the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), the Mathematics Admissions Test (MAT), the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT), and the BioMedical Admissions Test (BMAT). Our tutors are well-versed in all these tests and can provide targeted preparation.

How long does it take to prepare for Oxbridge admission tests?

The duration of preparation varies depending on your existing knowledge and skills. However, we recommend starting your preparation at least six months in advance to ensure thorough coverage of the test syllabus and sufficient practice.

Can I choose a tutor who specializes in a specific admission test?

Absolutely! We have a diverse pool of tutors who specialize in different admission tests. Whether you need assistance with the TSA, MAT, PAT, or BMAT, we can match you with a tutor who has expertise in your desired test.

Are the tutors familiar with the latest changes in the admission tests?

Yes, our tutors stay updated with the latest changes in the admission tests. They continuously monitor any modifications to the test formats, question patterns, and syllabi to ensure that their guidance remains relevant and effective.

How do the tutors customize their teaching approach for each student?

Our tutors understand that every student has unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. They tailor their teaching approach to suit your individual needs, focusing on areas where you require the most improvement and providing personalized feedback and guidance.

Can the tutors help with time management during the tests?

Time management is crucial in admission tests, and our tutors emphasize this aspect during the preparation. They provide strategies and techniques to help you effectively manage your time, ensuring that you can complete the test within the given time constraints.

What resources and study materials do the tutors provide?

Our tutors provide a wide range of resources and study materials, including practice tests, past papers, textbooks, and online resources. They curate these materials to align with the specific admission test you are preparing for, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the syllabus.

How do I track my progress during the preparation?

Our tutors regularly assess your progress through mock tests, quizzes, and assignments. They provide detailed feedback on your performance, highlighting areas of improvement and suggesting strategies to enhance your test-taking skills.

Can the tutors help with interview preparation for Oxbridge admissions?

Yes, our tutors can assist you with interview preparation as well. They provide guidance on common interview questions, help you develop effective communication skills, and conduct mock interviews to boost your confidence.

Are the tutors available for online tutoring sessions?

Yes, all our tutoring sessions are conducted online, allowing you to access our tutors from anywhere in the world. Our online platform provides a seamless learning experience, with interactive tools and resources to enhance your learning.

How do I choose the right tutor for my needs?

We understand the importance of finding the right tutor for your specific requirements. Our platform allows you to browse through tutor profiles, read reviews, and compare their expertise and teaching styles. You can also schedule a trial session to assess compatibility before committing to regular sessions.

What is the success rate of students who receive tutoring for Oxbridge admission tests?

While individual success rates may vary, our tutoring program has helped numerous students secure admission to Oxbridge universities. Our tutors’ expertise, personalized approach, and comprehensive preparation materials contribute to the success of our students.

How do I get started with an Oxbridge-entrance admission-test tutor?

Getting started is easy! Simply sign up on our website, browse through our tutor profiles, and select a tutor who aligns with your requirements. You can then schedule a session and begin your journey towards Oxbridge admission success.

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