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Professional Online A Level Further Maths Tutors

All of our high quality online a level further maths tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Further Maths tutor Romin
Civil Engineering, Msc and BEng

A passionate, dedicated, and specialist maths tutor with over 8 years of experience. I believe any grade is achievable through hard work and with enough time.

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7261 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Yi Sun
MSc Mathematics (Distinction) , King's College London

Experienced Mathematics teacher and tutor offering expertise across various levels, spanning from GCSE to Undergraduate. Specializing in GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths, and Further Maths.

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6271 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Nigel
PhD, Cambridge

PhD Astrophysics and Part III Maths tripos, Cambridge University

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1875 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Isaac
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

A deep knowledge of mathematics that will be used to tailor online lessons to the individual.
Specialised in Entrance exams and University Mathematics
Qualified teacher and DBS checked ✅

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2145 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Panagiotis
Mathematics, King's College London, Queen Mary University of London

I have been working as a Mathematics tutor since 2011. I have experience working with A-level/IB students as well as undergraduates in a variety of fields. A few years ago I switched to online tutoring, which I find a very effective and fruitful method of teaching. My students come from numerous backgrounds and places, from the UK to China. I'm quite passionate and enthusiastic with teaching, and maths as a subject. Thus I am trying to pass this feeling to my students as well. Maths is not plainly something you have to learn but something fun you can learn and that crops up in unexpected places.

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2448 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Lindsay
Mathematics, University of Cambridge

I am a professional, specialist maths tutor with over 30 years of experience in tutoring all ages up to A-level.

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687 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Zahra
Mathematics, University of Birmingham

A highly experienced Mathematics teacher and passionate to pass on knowledge and skills to individuals.

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207 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Rowan
Mathematics & Theoretical Physics, University of Cambridge (BA & MMath in Mathematics); University of Southampton (PhD in Theoretical Physics)

Please see profile for reviews & testimonials! Professional maths & physics tutor & 1st class master's graduate of the University of Cambridge. Expertise supporting Oxbridge maths, physics, engineering and computer science applications including admissions tests (STEP, MAT, TMUA, NSAA, ENGAA, PAT) and interviews. STEP examiner for Cambridge Assessment.

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1589 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Charlie
Mathematics, Cambridge

I am proud to have recently completed my Masters in Mathematics at Cambridge University and am doing my PhD. I am an experienced tutor who is very passionate about Maths and helping students achieve their aspirations. Very motivating, professional and have a good ability to explain difficult ideas.

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352 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Benjamin
Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, University of Cambridge

Experienced and highly qualified tutor with a friendly and personalised approach tailored to each student. I specialise in Maths and Physics at A-level, engineering support including Matlab at undergraduate and graduate levels, and university admissions preparation.

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1043 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Matthew
Statistics, Southampton University

Experienced Mathematics and Statistics teacher (5+ years) familiar with all UK exam boards.

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485 hours taught
professional online Further Maths tutor Toby
Natural Sciences (Astrophysics), University of Cambridge

Cambridge Graduate with 6+ years tutoring experience across maths and physics. My passion is helping students see and understand the deeper connections within mathematics!

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62 hours taught

Recent Further Maths A Level Tutor Class Reviews

Robert - yasser- Further Maths - A Level
1st July 2024
Clear and in depth analysis
Robert - yasser- Further Maths - A Level
24th June 2024
Excellent thorough explanations
Robert - yasser- Further Maths - A Level
18th June 2024
Excellent analysis and coaching
Robert - yasser- Further Maths - A Level
17th June 2024
Very skilled tutor. Confident of the subject
Charlie - Roger- Further Maths - A Level
9th June 2024
very good.
Charlie - Roger- Further Maths - A Level
2nd June 2024
strong skills with a high level of empathy
Toby - Karyn- Further Maths - A Level
31st May 2024
Toby has been brilliant, for Maths and Further Maths at A'level. He puts in lots of prep and sends additional information and resources. My son has really enjoyed his sessions and quite a few times my son said the penny just dropped! We will be scheduling a couple more classes yet in the run up to exams but I would recommend Toby.
Charlie - Roger- Further Maths - A Level
30th May 2024
works hard to make the most of the time.
Charlie - Roger- Further Maths - A Level
29th May 2024
always provides insight that unlocks difficult subjects
Charlie - Roger- Further Maths - A Level
28th May 2024
another great learning expereince


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FAQs for A-Level Further Mathematics Tutors on Spires Online Tutors

What qualifications do your A-Level Further Mathematics tutors have?

All our A-Level Further Maths tutors come with years of tutoring experience and are highly qualified in the subject of mathematics. These tutors have first class degree in maths from institutions such as the Imperial college London and possess a wealth of teaching experience. In addition, our further mathematics tutors have successfully gone through a rigorous admissions process that scrutinises their knowledge and teaching abilities for degree in mathematics courses.

How can online Further Maths tutors help me improve my grades?

Our further mathematics tutors excel in delivering lessons tailored to help students understand intricate mathematical concepts. With a teaching experience in the subject, a tutor can significantly contribute to your learning process. A tutor will also provide personalised maths tutoring to improve your problem-solving abilities. At the same time, a maths tutor can help you grasp complex maths concepts, and refine your examination techniques.

Can I choose a perfect tutor based on their specialization in a specific area of A-Level Further Maths?

Certainly! Our Further Maths A-Levels tutors cover all aspects of the subject, from complex numbers to differential equations. Based on the specific subject matter you require help with, you can find a good tutor who has specialised experience in that area of A-Level Further Mathematics. With the support from their tutor, a mathematics specialist with extensive experience in teaching maths and tutoring, tutees studying A level maths can develop a fantastic foundation in related subjects programmes like science and mathematics as well, enabling them to excel in their course of study and achieve top grades.

How do you ensure the quality of your Further Mathematics online tuition?

Quality is of the utmost importance at Spires Online Tutors. Each of our Further Mathematics tutors goes through a rigorous admissions procedure. This process verifies their qualifications, scrutinises their years of teaching and experience tutoring, and assesses their subject knowledge in Further Mathematics. Beyond the admissions process, we actively gather feedback from students to further assess and improve the quality of our Further Mathematics tutors, adding another layer of assurance for maths students who need help in maths. Finding the perfect further maths tutor, with a first-class degree in mathematics from the university and a passion for maths, can significantly enhance your understanding of both mathematics and further mathematics at the A-Level and university level through one-to-one tuition.

How do I find the perfect further maths tutor for my A-Level Further Maths needs?

Finding the ideal private tutor for your needs is crucial for your academic success. We provide a personalised tutor match service to find your perfect tutor, and you can also explore extensive profiles of our tutors online; these profiles detail their qualifications in maths, teaching experience, hours of tutoring and specific areas of expertise. This allows you to view their experience and reviews, aiding you in making an informed choice. Our platform connects you with qualified maths teachers from across England, offering premium education conveniently. This online format enables you to balance your studies with other commitments, allowing you to start learning from anywhere, at any time.

Are maths tutors available to help me with specific exam boards?

Certainly, our tutors of Further Mathematics are well-versed in a variety of exam boards, including AQA and Edexcel. These tutors bring their experience and subject matter expertise to offer students targeted support in Further Mathematics. Understanding the specific subject requirements and board-specific quirks, our tutors are equipped to offer personalised maths tutoring that further assists students. They aim to help you grasp the complexities and nuances of each board’s requirements, offering further help in your exam preparation. An excellent tutor, passionate about maths and qualified in teaching mathematics, can help bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level, providing support in applied mathematics, exam technique, and tackling past paper questions to help you get the best grades.

How do you personalise maths tuition for each student?

Our A-Level Further Mathematics tutors understand that every student has unique learning requirements. To make tuition further beneficial, tutors assess your current level in the subject. Then, tutors adapt their tutoring techniques to reinforce your maths knowledge. Each further maths tutor zeroes in on crucial maths concepts relevant to your level, offering personalised tutoring sessions that help every student thrive. Study mathematics knowing that you are well guided. A passionate and qualified teacher of mathematics, who is also a mathematics specialist, offers level tuition that not only covers the curriculum but also instills a passion for maths in students, helping them to tackle challenging topics in a level mathematics and get the grades they aspire to.

Can I request additional learning resources or study materials from my A-Level Further Maths tutor?

Certainly. Our experienced online Maths Tutors are more than willing to provide additional resources to help further your learning, whether home or online. If you need extra study materials or online resources simply ask your tutor. Our fantastic tutors can offer practice maths questions, past papers, or even recommend textbooks, providing the help and resources for mathematics students to excel further.

Can I switch to a different A-Level Further Mathematics tutor if I’m not satisfied with my current one?

Absolutely. If you find that your current A-Level Further Mathematics tutor isn’t facilitating your learning in the way you’d hoped, our support team will be more than willing to help you switch to a different, equally qualified A-Level tutor to better align with your unique learning style.

How Much Do Further Maths tutors in London charge?

The fees for A-Level Further Maths tutors in London through Spires vary depending on several key factors, such as the tutor’s experience, qualifications, and the specific needs of the student. Generally, the rates for A-Level Further Maths tuition range from £35 to £70 per hour. Tutors with extensive experience or expertise in complex areas of further maths might charge at the higher end of this spectrum, especially if they are teaching and tutoring full-time mathematics. The difficulty of the topics and the level of support needed, whether for exam preparation or ongoing assistance, can also affect the cost. Spires provides the flexibility for students to choose tutors within their budget, ensuring a wide range of options to suit various educational requirements and financial situations.

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