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Yi Sun

MSc Mathematics (Distinction) Master of Science



Experienced Mathematics teacher and tutor offering expertise across various levels, spanning from GCSE to Undergraduate. Specializing in GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths, and Further Maths.

Yi Sun
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King's College London - MSc Mathematics (Distinction) - Master of Science

Experienced Mathematics teacher and tutor offering expertise across various levels, spanning from GCSE to Undergraduate. Specializing in GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths, and Further Maths.

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Recent Students: 48Total Hours: 6221Last Online:
All-time Students: 193Total Classes: 5543Signed Up:

About Me

I embarked on my educational journey in the UK by starting my A-Level studies, followed by university. During my time at university, I actively engaged in part-time tutoring, which proved invaluable in refining my instructional skills and gaining practical teaching experience. I found great satisfaction in helping students grasp complex mathematical concepts and witnessing their growth and academic achievements.
After completing my university studies, I had the privilege of working as a secondary school maths teacher, guiding students in GCSE, A-Level Maths, and Further Maths for a year. This experience further deepened my understanding of the curriculum and enhanced my ability to effectively convey mathematical concepts to my students.
Currently, I am dedicated to being a full-time maths tutor, drawing upon the expertise I gained through both part-time tutoring and school teaching. My primary focus is to provide comprehensive support to my students, fostering their growth and success in their mathematical journey.
Having started my A-Level studies in the UK and immersing myself in the country's education system, I bring a unique perspective and a diverse cultural background to my teaching approach. This multicultural experience enriches my ability to create an inclusive and rewarding learning environment for my students.
Driven by my passion for mathematics and fueled by the combined experiences of part-time tutoring and school teaching, I am fully committed to delivering an engaging and effective learning experience. My ultimate goal is to empower my students to excel in their mathematical pursuits.

Tutor Experience

Over the past seven years, starting in 2016, I have been actively involved in delivering tutoring services. My expertise primarily lies in GCSE Maths, A-Level Maths, and Further Maths. It brings me great satisfaction to have aided numerous students in attaining outstanding grades in their academic pursuits.
My educational background includes a distinction in MSc Mathematics and a First Class Honours in BSc Mathematics from King's College London. Furthermore, I achieved A* grades in both Mathematics and Further Mathematics at A-level, securing 100% in all Pure modules and above 95% in all applied modules.
In my commitment to continuously refine my teaching abilities and stay abreast of the curriculum, I completed a teacher training course in 2021 and obtained the Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) qualification.
Adhering to my tutoring methodology, I have meticulously crafted comprehensive worksheets for each topic encompassed within the GCSE and A-Level curriculum. These worksheets encompass a diverse range of question types, including skill-focused questions, problem solving questions, exam-style questions, and past paper questions.
I am resolute in my dedication to delivering exceptional instruction and providing unwavering support to students on their academic journey.

Topic Expertise

GCSE Maths, IGCSE Maths,
IGCSE Further Maths, AQA Level 2 Further Maths, OCR FSMQ Additional Mathematics
A-Level Maths (OCR, Edexcel, AQA, MEI, CIE)
A-Level Further Maths (Core Pure, Further Pure, Further Mechanics, Further Statistics, Further Decision)

Client Reviews

Really clear explanations thank you

- Maths

Good lesson on mechanics past paper

- Maths

This really explained the topic in an easy to understand way thank you

- Maths

Good lesson. Went over a past paper.

- Maths

So pleased with the regular sessions. Really feeling ready for tomorrow

- Maths

Loving feeling ready for my exam

- Maths

Nice and simple explanations for difficult problems - easy to follow

- Maths

Very helpful, clear and thorough!

- Maths

Great lesson as per usual😁

- Maths

Very informative class as usual, we did lots of practice questions.

- Maths


Once again thank you very much for helping Keith with his GCSE, he has gotten himself all 9s and we are very happy with his results and are grateful for your support

I just thought I'd let you know that Max got a 9 in his year 10 GCSE. Thank you!

I got a 9 in Maths which I'm very happy with, and which means I can take Maths and Further Maths for A-level, which is what I wanted to do. Thank you so much for all the help.

I've gotten my results and I've met all of my targets, including for Maths and Further Maths, where I achieved A*s comfortably in both of them. Thanks a lot for the help I greatly appreciate it!

I greatly appreciate your help with my daughter for her GCSE. It also made her more confident and she got 8 on her GCSE from 6 because of you.

Yi takes a very precise and methodical approach to tutoring and offers plenty of opportunities for the student to form their own analyses. Yi started the lesson by presenting key terms to determine the familiarity of the student and how to further pitch the lesson. I liked how he clarified each of the definitions through concise examples done with the student, rather than giving prolonged explanations. In his learning checks, Yi asked not only for the answer but also an explanation from the student as to how they came to certain conclusions. Yi really challenges their understanding and has them think in a step-by-step way. I felt that the pace of the learning was steady and progressive - Yi incorporated more abstract mathematical proofs as the level of the student became more apparent. Yi’s clear and broken-down explanations demonstrate his great subject knowledge and ability as a tutor.

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MSc Mathematics (Distinction)
BSc Mathematics (First Class Honours)
A-Level Maths (A*)
A-Level Further Maths (A*)
Qualified Teacher Status