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Professional Online GCSE Double Science Tutors

All of our high quality online gcse double science tutors are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Double Science tutor James
Environmental Engineering and Geochemistry, Newcastle University

I have a PhD in Environmental Engineering/Geochemistry and I am passionate about teaching natural sciences to the next generation, and getting people interested in STEM subjects. From August 2024 I will be teaching Geography (and eventually Geology) at a Sixth Form college, so while I may have limited availability, I invite anyone who is self-motivated and interested in excelling to get in contact with me.

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1883 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Yeung
Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) Science: Chemistry & Master of Arts in Education, University College London (UCL)

I am a dedicated science teacher with 5 years of secondary school teaching experience in London. I am passionate about teaching and education. I am currently studying for a PhD, and have a MA from UCL and a BSc from University of St Andrews.

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professional online Double Science tutor medet
Medical sciences Bsc, University of Exeter

A highly experienced Science and Mathematics tutor with a Bsc in Medical Sciences from the University of Exeter.

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629 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Michael
Biochemistry and Microbiology, Westminster university

PhD educated and owner of a small tuition centre focused on KS3+4 science.

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314 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Paula
PGCE Secondary Chemistry, University of Birmingham

I am an enthusiastic science teacher with experience teaching all exam boards including Pearson BTEC. My fascination with, and skills in Forensic Science and Criminal Investigation, helps me to use real world applications and vocational examples to help you understand all aspects of the science curriculum. Seeing science in action will help you both understand and remember the key ideas to ensure your exam outcomes show accuracy and application. I hope you will see my love of science and decide that science is also a career that you would like to pursue.

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129 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Kathrine
Animal Science and English Literature, Canterbury Christ Church
professional online Double Science tutor Tanya
Natural Sciences, University of Middlesex in collaboration with CNELM and The Open University

Experienced science teacher offering outstanding chemistry and biology tuition at A level to cover all exam boards. I have experience both as a tutor and exam marker and can also offer science and maths at GCSE to include physics, chemistry and biology. I offer science and maths at KS3.

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2054 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Ines
Engineer, Oporto University

I have been tutoring children and adults since my university years developing a passion for helping them to succeed and getting into their dream degree. With my experience in the industry I bring students to realise the future benefits of excelling in the subjects such as Maths, Chemistry and Physics.

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40 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Maral
Environmental Policies and Energy Sustainability , Imperial College London

Imperial College PhD graduate with 10 years of tutoring experience in Maths, Science and English. I thrive on your growth and achievements and I'd love to see you achieve your goals.

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311 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Miriam
Post Graduate Certificate (PGCE) in Science , University of Nottingham

Qualified Teacher - A patient, caring and professional science & maths tutor. From Primary to A-level.

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133 hours taught
professional online Double Science tutor Nina
Masters in education, Wolverhampton university

Experienced science teacher and previous examiner with a passion for online tutoring. Tutoring available for all abilities.

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professional online Double Science tutor Samantha
Sociology - Premedicine, University of Texas at Austin

Qualified secondary Maths and Biology teacher with 15+ years of experience teaching and tutoring. Published academic and educational content writer. Former medical scribe.

View Full Profile
852 hours taught

Recent Double Science GCSE Tutor Class Reviews

Tanya - Olga- Double Science - GCSE
16th November 2023
Wonderful class! Thank you!
Tanya - Olga- Double Science - GCSE
9th November 2023
Thank you Tanya, it was very helpful and fun. Looking forward to our next class. Kind regards, Sasha
Yeung - Harry- Double Science - GCSE
15th June 2023
Very helpful for subject that I struggled on they were explained very clearly and I then I understood them. Felt a lot more confident for my exams. Definitely recommend.
James - Samantha- Double Science - GCSE
22nd October 2022
James explained very clearly and helped me to confirm my understanding.
Rebecca - Vanessa- Double Science - GCSE
28th September 2022
Harry said this session was great and he got a lot out of it
Stefan - Max- Double Science - GCSE
4th February 2022
George - Ben- Double Science - GCSE
29th May 2019
Great session - George explained the key concepts very well and at the right pace. Thanks!


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FAQs for GCSE Double Science Tutors

What is GCSE Double Science?

GCSE Double Science offers an amalgamation of sciences, including biology, chemistry, and physics, at the GCSE level. This provides students an enriched learning journey in science subjects, bundling them into one unified curriculum.

What are the benefits of hiring a GCSE Double Science tutor for a student?

Hiring a GCSE Double Science tutor can be a transformative experience for students at the GCSE level. Our tutors provide customised science tuition with a special focus on biology and chemistry. The GCSE tutors possess years of tutoring experience, preparing students for their exams in GCSE chemistry and GCSE biology. Whether you find chemistry or biology challenging, a GCSE Double Science tutor offers the precise help you require.

How can a science tutor specialised in GCSE Double Science help me enhance my grades?

Engaging with a GCSE Double Science tutor can help you pinpoint your academic shortcomings. Our GCSE science tutors offer specialised science lessons and supplement them with additional questions for practice, providing targeted exam guidance. Working with a GCSE science tutor will strengthen your understanding of the sciences, contributing to better GCSE exam results.

Are all the GCSE Double Science tutors at Spires Online Tutors adequately qualified for tutoring?

Absolutely, all our GCSE science tutors are certified and highly experienced in teaching at the GCSE level. Most of our tutors are qualified teachers with extensive tutoring experience in GCSE science subjects, ensuring that students receive exceptional science tuition tailored to their specific needs.

Can I select a tutor based on my individual GCSE Double Science learning needs?

Yes, you can pick a tutor based on various criteria such as online profile, years of experience in teaching science, and crucially, reviews from other GCSE students. Regardless of whether you need targeted help in GCSE biology, GCSE chemistry, or GCSE physics, you can choose a tutor who is best suited for your academic challenges.

How often should I schedule science tutoring sessions to prepare for my GCSE exams?

The frequency of your science lessons with our certified tutors is adaptable to your personal academic aims and preparedness for the GCSE exams. After discussing your requirements with your selected GCSE tutor, they will establish a tutoring schedule that best supports your GCSE exam preparation.

Can GCSE science tutors assist me with my GCSE Double Science exam preparation?

Certainly, our experienced tutors excel in aiding students with GCSE exam preparation across all science subjects. They offer a wide range of educational resources, such as mock exams and detailed lesson reviews of crucial science topics, ensuring that you approach your GCSE exams with increased confidence and a deeper understanding of the subjects.

How can I track my learning progress in GCSE Double Science on Spires Online Tutors?

The Spires Online Tutors platform features an intuitive online system, allowing you to review your GCSE science lessons, ask questions, and maintain constant communication with your dedicated tutor. This comprehensive approach fine-tunes your GCSE science learning under expert guidance.

Are all the GCSE Double Science tutoring sessions conducted online for more flexibility?

Yes, all our science lessons with GCSE tutors are exclusively online, providing you with the flexibility to engage with your tutors from a location that’s most convenient for you. This online approach to GCSE science tuition is both efficient and adaptable, hence it’s popular among GCSE students.

Can tutors for GCSE Double Science assist me with my homework and assignments?

Absolutely, our cadre of GCSE science tutors is prepared to offer comprehensive GCSE level support with both homework and assignments. These tutors deliver thorough explanations across all GCSE level science subjects, including biology, chemistry, and physics. They provide constructive feedback and reviews to ensure that every GCSE student has a full understanding of GCSE level coursework. With years of experience, our science tutors are highly reviewed and adept at meeting the individualised needs of students at the GCSE level.

How do I get started with a GCSE Double Science tutor from Spires Online Tutors?

Initiating your GCSE level learning journey with a Spires science tutor is straightforward. Go to the Spires Online Tutors website, browse through the available science tutors, and select a qualified GCSE tutor based on your criteria, including reviews and years of experience. Once you’ve made your tutor selection, you can book your first GCSE level science lesson and commence your academic journey. For those who want more, additional lessons are readily available to deepen your understanding of GCSE science subjects.

Are the tutoring sessions personalised and one-on-one for all GCSE Double Science students?

Absolutely, all GCSE science lessons conducted by our specialised GCSE science tutors at the GCSE level are one-on-one, ensuring personalised attention for each GCSE student. Collaborating closely with a tutor enriches your understanding of the GCSE level science curriculum, thereby significantly boosting your GCSE level learning experience. Our tutors’ years of experience in GCSE tutoring receive excellent reviews, emphasising their effectiveness at the GCSE level.

Can GCSE Double Science tutors help me understand specific topics within the sciences, like Biology?

Absolutely, our GCSE science tutors are adept at teaching all GCSE level science subjects, be it GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, or GCSE Physics. The GCSE tutor you select will guide you meticulously through specific GCSE level topics, tailoring their teaching approach to accommodate the varied learning needs of GCSE students, thus making your GCSE level education in science more rewarding. Reviews from previous students confirm that our tutors with years of experience significantly help in mastering the GCSE level in science subjects.

How can I ask questions or seek clarification from my GCSE Double Science tutor?

You can use the secure messaging system on the Spires Online Tutors platform for streamlined communication with your GCSE level science tutor. This system is the perfect medium for GCSE level students to ask more science-related questions, seek clarifications, and discuss your educational objectives for GCSE level science subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Reviews by other students often highlight the responsiveness and expertise of our tutors.

What should I do if I’m not satisfied with my GCSE Double Science tutoring experience?

At Spires Online Tutors, student satisfaction at the GCSE level is of the utmost importance. If you’re dissatisfied with your GCSE level science tutor, our years of experience ensure we can promptly assist you in finding another more qualified teacher, better suited for your GCSE level academic needs in science subjects such as GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, and GCSE Physics. Our platform features reviews that can guide you in choosing a tutor who has proven success in elevating the GCSE level performance of their students in science.

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