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Online Maritime Law Tutors for Undergraduate Law Students

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Professional Online Maritime Law Tutors for Undergraduate Law Students

All of our high quality online maritime law tutors for undergraduate law students are interviewed and background-checked before tutoring on Spires.

professional online Law tutor Amba


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2383 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Kelly
Law LLB, Queen Mary University of London

I hold a first class LLB, an LLM with a distinction and a Very Competent classification for my BPTC. I am a now a full time Law Lecturer and academic in London. I teach LLB, BPTC, SQE and LLM modules. I am available to help students with any admissions questions, personal statements and LNAT exams to help them get into Law School. I often arrange mock interviews, training contract and pupillage tutorials for students. For younger students I can also help students with their English, Business Management and Philosophy IB courses.

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2071 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Simon
Law (Bachelors/Level 6 equivalent), CILEx Law School

I am a 20+ year PQE lawyer with 25+ years’ experience of working in the law.

I have lectured A' Level law, Undergraduate law, Postgraduate law and various CILEX legal and practice topics at all levels. I also have 10+ years’ professional legal training experience within large national firms.

I provide detailed knowledge (and how to apply that knowledge) in the subject at A’ level, Degree level and all CILEX levels.

I can provide 1 to 1 online tutoring sessions.

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professional online Law tutor Katia
LLM European and international law, Metropolitan University

Law lecturer and Lawyer
Ability to explain all legal situations in a simple manner. LLB programme leader

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272 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Tahsin Kamal
Master of Laws, London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE Law Master's graduate and Visiting Lecturer in Law at City University of London, dedicated to teaching law, spreading knowledge, and fostering critical thinking in students with proven teaching experience.

View Full Profile
66 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Eirini
DPhil Law, University of Oxford

Judicial Fellow at the International Court of Justice, DPhil Candidate and law tutor at the University of Oxford with 7 years teaching experience. Passionate about teaching public international law and supporting prospective undergraduate and graduate students with their applications.

View Full Profile
professional online Law tutor Arshad
Law, London School of Economics and Political Science

A top tutor makes the difference! Experienced, Highly Recommended Tutor with ACA and Masters in Law from LSE

View Full Profile
27 hours taught
professional online Law tutor James
Qualified Teacher (PGCE)/Law Degree (LLB Hons) / Forensic Linguistics (MSc), Anglia Ruskin/Aston University/Greenwich University/Leeds University

Experienced A level and Degree level tutor.
Enthusiastic and keen to ensure students achieve their potential

View Full Profile
323 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Hasan
Law, Brunel University

Hi! I'm an experienced university-level lecturer, with 7 years' experience. Friendly, accessible and individualised support to get the best out of you.

Skilled at breaking down complex legal concepts using accessible examples.

View Full Profile
professional online Law tutor Brendan
Law, Cambridge

My name is Brendan, I graduated from Cambridge with a law degree with a high 2:1 at 66% and a book prize for topping the cohort in Succession Law. I have 2.5 years of tutoring experience with university admissions, where I work with students from not just the UK but internationally, such as China or Argentina. I am also a barrister-at-law of England and Wales, having been called to the bar in July 2023.

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35 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Amal
International Law, University of Leeds

English Teacher, specialising in IB English Language & Literature HL & SL, GCSE/IGCSE, Language & Literature and English as a Second Language (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams).

View Full Profile
58 hours taught
professional online Law tutor Clare
Law, Nottingham Law School

Experienced Law Lecturer and qualified practising Solicitor with experience of teaching, marking and designing exams at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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6 hours taught

Recent Law Undergraduate Tutor Class Reviews

Amba - Saksham- Law - Undergraduate
28th May 2024
Amba was really helpful in the law module I took as part of my accounting and finance course. She helped me structure my answers better and gave me consistent feedback to prepare me for my final exam.
Amba - Janelle- Law - Undergraduate
10th May 2024
Very helpful, fully understood what I needed help with
Michael - anastasia- Law - Undergraduate
2nd May 2024
My meeting with Michael was very informative and helpful to furthering my knowledge in the law surrounding medical negligence claims. I had the opportunity to ask questions and receive tailored responses which enabled me to better understand the practical application of the law to fictional but yet, to a certain extend real-life scenarios. Thank you
Tahsin Kamal - zara- Law - Undergraduate
30th April 2024
great first class - material was approached in a super friendly and welcoming way. I always get really anxious about not knowing material but Tahsin made this a really nice environment - i'm excited for more lessons and feel a bit more confident!!
Tahsin Kamal - Dauood- Law - Undergraduate
27th April 2024
Throughout my lessons with Tahsin she has been able to adapt and cater to the teaching method that I wished for. be that explaining any topics that I was misunderstanding in depth and removing any confusion I had for it, or applying the method required to correctly approach various question scenarios in differing areas of law. The lessons helped accelerate my understanding of the subject much more and was worth the time.
Amba - Caleb- Law - Undergraduate
26th April 2024
Very helpful class on citations, structuring and critical analysis of key issues.
Panagiotis - Lola- Law - Undergraduate
20th April 2024
Panagiotis is a superb teacher!
Amba - souad- Law - Undergraduate
19th April 2024
Amba has been an absolute godsend in helping me with assignments for my final year! She is incredibly professional, accommodating and thorough in the work she does. I would recommend her to anyone working towards their law degree, no question. Thank you Amba!
Michael - Arwen- Law - Undergraduate
15th April 2024
Michael is a very supportive, approachable tutor who has assisted me in the final stages of my dissertation. He is attentive and helps me understand how to work on my strengths and my weaknesses. He talks me through all the points and always ensures that I understand everything. His written feedback is detailed, clear and easy to implement in my work. He is a very responsive tutor who will go above and beyond for any student, whether that's actively answering questions by message, easing anxiety about work or just strengthening the elements of an essay. I feel much more confident submitting my dissertation after Michael's proofreading. I recommend him to anyone who may be struggling with their dissertation as he knows the key things to look out for!
Panagiotis - Lola- Law - Undergraduate
12th April 2024
Outstanding tutor

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Maritime Law Tutoring FAQs

How can Maritime Law Tutors assist in my academic voyage?

Harnessing the prowess of expert Maritime Law tutors through our platform will anchor your understanding in this specialised field. Tailored lesson plans are charted to your initial proficiency, aiming for a smooth sail towards your academic goals. Focusing on stormy areas of comprehension, our tutors instil the confidence needed to tackle complex legal waters, fostering an encouraging learning environment that propels continual improvement and develops a sturdy learning routine.

Why should I set sail with Spires for my Maritime Law tutorial voyage?

Only the crème de la crème, a mere 4%, of professional tutors who apply to Spires, come aboard. The majority of our tutors have navigated the academic and professional seas, accruing valuable experience in mentoring, teaching, or lecturing at various levels. With degrees hoisted from leading global universities, our Maritime Law tutors are seasoned in battling real-world legal tempests. Their mission: to guide you safely through the turbulent seas of Maritime Law, securing your berth at prestigious institutions. With competitive rates set by the tutors themselves, your voyage towards mastering Maritime Law won’t plunder your treasure chest.

How does the compass of Spires’ online Maritime Law tutoring navigate?

Embarking on your tutorial voyage is as easy as hoisting the sails. Post your tutorial needs, discover your ideal Maritime Law tutor, engage in one-on-one online tutorials, and revisit recorded sessions to ensure no crucial navigation point is missed. The digital age allows for a boundless exchange of knowledge, offering you the chance to learn from adept Maritime Law tutors, regardless of the vast oceans that may lie in between.

Why is an online Maritime Law tutor a treasure trove compared to a local tutor?

In the grand voyage of academic excellence, having the most adept navigator is essential. Spires’ online platform transcends geographical boundaries, offering you a treasure trove of Maritime Law tutors who are seasoned in navigating the complex legal waters. Your quest for Maritime Law mastery is no longer tethered to your locale, but bound only by your ambition and the vast seas of knowledge awaiting exploration.

What treasure of qualifications do Maritime Law Tutors aboard Spires possess?

With a minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree and a compass of professional tutoring experience, our Maritime Law tutors are your guiding North Star. Most have ventured further into the academic seas, securing higher degrees from prestigious docks such as University College London. All tutors are vetted thoroughly, ensuring a safe and enriching voyage as you sail through the Maritime Law syllabus.

What does the captain’s role of a Maritime Law tutor entail?

The captain’s helm of a Maritime Law tutor is to steer you through the turbulent waters of your coursework, helping you decipher complex legal codes, manage your study time, and refine your examination strategies. They are your first mate in this academic voyage, not a substitute crew. Your effort, combined with their seasoned guidance, ensures a fruitful journey through the legal seas of Maritime Law.

How are the tutoring doubloons spent per hour of Maritime Law tutorial?

Tuition doubloons vary according to the level of study and the tutor’s experience. For a precise treasure map of the costs, refer to the ‘Pricing’ page on our website, individual tutor profiles, or the bids you receive upon posting a job. Investment in a skilled Maritime Law tutor is an investment in smooth sailing through your academic voyage.

Does tutoring at Spires provide a treasure map for navigating the professional Maritime Law seas?

Indeed! With a vast array of tutoring services for Chartered Certifications and other professional assessments, Spires is your trusted companion in charting a course through the professional Maritime Law seas. Our network of skilled Maritime Law tutors is your treasure trove of knowledge, aiding in your quest for professional accreditation.

Are adult pirates welcome to join the Maritime Law tutorial voyage?

Absolutely! At Spires, we believe in lifelong learning and welcome adult learners aboard our tutorial voyages. Whether you are exploring new horizons or seeking to sharpen your legal cutlass in Maritime Law, our experienced tutors are here to guide you through uncharted waters, regardless of your starting point or age.

How swiftly can I embark on my Maritime Law tutorial voyage with Spires?

Posting your tutorial needs will send a signal across the seven seas, reaching our fleet of Maritime Law tutors. Those ready and able to navigate you through your academic quest will respond swiftly, allowing you to set sail on your Maritime Law voyage with the rising tide.

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