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I am passionate about teaching students maths and physics, helping them to increase their confidence and achieve the academic goals.

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University of Cambridge - Mathematics - Master of Mathematics

I am passionate about teaching students maths and physics, helping them to increase their confidence and achieve the academic goals.

Recent Students: 9
Total Hours: 217
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All-time Students: 20
Total Classes: 190
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Recent Students: 9Total Hours: 217Last Online:
All-time Students: 20Total Classes: 190Signed Up:

About Me

I studied maths at Trinity College, Cambridge, specialising in theoretical physics in my final year. After finishing my degree, I worked as a machine learning researcher at a biotechnology startup, looking for new cancer diagnostics and therapeutics. Now, I want to support upcoming maths and physics students to reach their potential. In my spare time, I enjoy Brazilian jiu jitsu and playing jazz piano.

Tutor Experience

I have worked as a maths and physics tutor with students at various levels, from GCSE to Oxbridge entrance exams. This experience has come in the form of both one-to-one tutoring and volunteering at events aimed at high-performing pupils. Seeing students progress in subjects important to them has been extremely rewarding for me. I understand how difficult and daunting these exams can be and my aim is to increase students' confidence and support them as they develop the skills they need to work through problems on their own.

My approach typically involves first asking the student to reason through past-paper questions or other problems so I can see how they think and identify gaps in their understanding. If I find an area where the student is not confident, I will ask questions to help the student discover the underlying theory in a way that makes sense to them. I will then give the student tasks to do before the next session to consolidate and check their understanding. When a student is able to solve a problem, I will often attempt to probe deeper with extensions that stretch their understanding of the wider context of the question.

Topic Expertise

University Entrance Exams (STEP, PAT, MAT, TMUA)
A-Level Maths (Edexcel), Further Maths (Edexcel) and Physics (AQA)

Client Reviews

Very helpful and patient, and has very clear explanations.


Thanks to Matthew and his way of teaching I was able to pass my university level, introduction to physics course! I had never taken any type of physics class before and because of Matthew's patience and ability to explain ideas in different ways to help my understanding, I was able to grasp concepts with ease. I would recommend Matthew to anyone and everyone looking for a tutor related to maths and physics. He is flexible with his schedule and is always willing to go an extra mile to help his students. Thank you Matthew!

- Physics

Excellent maths tutor! Explains hard maths concepts very well and I loved my tutoring sessions with Matthew.


Good help and information no help me understand everything to the full extend which I need to.


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BA and MMath (Merit) in Mathematics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge
STEP 2 (S)
STEP 3 (1)
TMUA (9.0)
A-Level Maths (A*)
A-Level Further Maths (A*)
A-Level Physics (A*)
A-Level Spanish (A)
AS-Level French (A)
13 GCSEs (10 A*s and 3As)